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August 24, 2023

3 Strategies to Help Workers Take Advantage of New Technologies in the Workplace

3 Strategies to Help Workers Take Advantage of New Technologies in the Workplace

As technology advances, your company must integrate new technologies into its systems. This will lead to increased productivity, which benefits your company’s bottom line.

According to one study, leveraging collaborative tools for communication, project management, document editing, meetings, and cloud-based storage can increase operational efficiency by 131%.

In addition, research by Censuswide found that employees embracing AI (artificial intelligence) would save up to 390 hours per year.

There are three strategies you can leverage to help your workers understand that the new technology will help them and not replace them.

1. Give Everyone a Heads-Up

Before introducing a new technology that catches your employees off guard, you should first announce the upcoming changes.

Ensure your communication is clear and emphasize the benefits of using these new technologies.

Then explain the relevance of these tools.

The best way is to put yourself in the employee’s shoes. This helps you answer these questions they might have concerning the tool:

  1. How does the tool work?
  2. Will the new technology affect their business negatively?
  3. How will the tool help improve productivity?
  4. Will there be any training provided?
  5. Can they integrate the new technology with other systems?
  6. What happens if they encounter any issues? Are the tools support and troubleshooting personnel readily available?

Remember, many employees see new technology as a threat to their job. Therefore you should show them that the new technology will make their job easier improving productivity.

2. Show, Don’t Tell and Make It Personal

Next, show how the new technology will help your team achieve improved workflows and collaboration when they adopt it.

Here is how you can implement and personalize the show and don’t-tell strategy.

  1. Install or log in to the software’s online platform to access the tool’s features.
  2. Show a live demonstration of what the tool can do. You can easily do this using most tools’ free packages or trials. So by the time you upgrade to a paid package with more comprehensive features, your employees will have a rough idea about how the tool work.

For instance, the table below shows some of the tools your business can benefit from and their uses.

ToolKey Features and FunctionalityPricing Options
  • Real-time messaging and chat
  • File sharing and integration with apps
  •  Integrates with numerous third-party apps
Free and paid packages
  • Comprehensive platform with collaborative tools for sales, marketing, and CRM features
  • Extensive customization options
  • Sales pipeline tracking and automation
Free trial
  • Assign tasks and due dates
  • Checklists, attachments, and comments
  • Mobile app for on-the-go task management
Free and paid packages
  • Customizable project tracking boards
  • Integrates with popular tools such as Slack and Google
  • Collaboration and communication features
Free and paid packages

So use the free version first and let your employees see the tool in real-time to make its benefits more relatable.

  1. Recognize employees with a positive attitude toward the new technology. Then use them to help you answer any questions the other employees might have.
  2. Organize a workshop or meeting where the workers having little to no trouble integrating the tool with your system can show the others how to use it. And if you can, let an expert from the company owning the tool come over and provide live demonstrations. They can also answer any questions your employees have.

3. Provide Ongoing Training

Lastly, even after your employees start to warm up to the new technology, ensure that the learning curve does not end there. Instead, provide ongoing training.

This lets them understand the tool’s features in-depth, as well as any new features and improvements.

You also get to onboard any new employee while helping the old ones with any skill gaps you may have noticed.

Also, training is an opportunity for the employees to network especially if your business has different branches. During networking the employees can share the tips and tricks they use to maximize the tools effectively.

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