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November 7, 2022

APEX 365 Managed Security Offerings: Now Powered by Arctic Wolf

APEX 365 Managed Security Offerings: Now Powered by Arctic Wolf

We’ve discussed the importance of cyber security awareness training programs recently. One of the most important parts of this is making sure your cyber security software is up to date. Read on to learn about the importance of software update patches and how you can make sure your organization is protected from cyber criminals.

The Importance of Software Patches

Cyber criminals are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in cyber security software so they can exploit them to launch an attack. Thankfully, so are software companies – through a process called ethical hacking. They try and find those vulnerabilities before the criminals do. Once a vulnerability has been discovered (either through the software company’s testing processes or through a successful cyber attack), the cyber security software company immediately remedies this by creating a ‘patch’. Once a user has downloaded the patch through a software update, your systems are then protected against that particular vulnerability.

The Threat of Bogus Updates

Another way cyber criminals target users is by scaring them into detecting bogus updates. They appear in the form of emails and pop-ups on websites stating things like, “Your system is infected, scan now.” They also use human behaviour to their advantage – they know that a software update launched on Friday afternoon is unlikely to be downloaded until after the weekend, and use this to their advantage.

The proper cyber security training can help employees understand that it is easier to pause their work for a few minutes while an update takes place than going through a cyber attack.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

While most computer users are aware of the importance of cyber security, many do not know how they can contribute to keeping their organization’s data and systems secure. While the traditional, single training session can help a little with building cyber security awareness, it does not necessarily cultivate the required behaviours in employees in the long run. In fact, studies show that people forget 80% of their learnings within a month if they are not reinforced.

Microlearning modules delivered on a regular basis serve to reinforce employee learnings and keep them up to date with the latest threats. These modules also help foster cyber security best practice behaviours in the long term.

Apex 365’s Managed Security Services Training Powered by Arctic Wolf

Apex 365 is now offering a new approach to cyber security training in partnership with Arctic Wolf that includes teaching, testing, and tracking progress toward defined goals. Two microlearning sessions (that take less than five minutes each) and one phishing simulation attack a month keep your employees’ cyber security skills current, resulting in fewer incidents related to phishing and human error, and builds stronger cyber resilience across your organization.

How They Work:

The microlearning cybersecurity training sessions are easy to implement and cost as little as $4/month per user. Additionally, they do not involve your IT team, leaving them free to take care of your firm’s technology needs.

  • Awareness lessons are delivered via email and the results are tracked by our systems, so employees don’t need to spend time logging into special portals.
  • Phishing simulations include an automatic follow-up lesson if employees click.
  • Security management includes continuous monitoring of the dark web to minimize account take-overs if employee credentials are exposed there.

A few minutes of your employees’ time every month and minimal investment can help protect your business and save you a lot of money in the long run. Book an appointment with us and see how APEX 365 can help.