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It all began in 1989 with the birth of APEX Wireless. APEX is known for its affiliation with TELUS as a Platinum TELUS Dealer with offices in BC, AB and ON. The offering of Information Technology (IT) services from APEX Wireless is not a new concept. The introduction of Smart phones (phones that connect to the internet) launched mobile phone providers like APEX Wireless into the world of IT many years ago. Our mobile devices transfer data through email, APPS and cloud solutions onto our IT networks all the time. With the advancement of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP- phones that run on you IT network) and TELUS’s investment in fiber technology it is a logical progression for a phone provider to support IT Infrastructure.

25 Years


We support IAAS platforms including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform

Who is this for?

As our service offering evolved we realized there was a gap in what other Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) were providing; an affordable solution for small businesses. We leverage our 30+ years experience and provide one number to call for all technology needs including mobility, internet, local landline, and IT. We currently support customers with hundreds of employees but our service can scale down to provide a fully managed solution under $500 a month for businesses with as few as 3-5 employees!

If you have under 15 employees in your business you most likely have:

  1. Someone on staff who knows something about computers and they help manage your IT off the side of their desk. The challenge is when this person leaves, is sick, on vacation, or you want to scale. And they are probably not being as efficient as they should be in the role you actually hired them for….or
  2. A friend or family member that helps you out from time to time. They most likely have a full time job and this presents the same issue as above, but could be worse. You jeopardize your business by having a friend or family member stuck in the middle, it’s not fair to them or your business….or
  3. “IT Company” or maybe a one man show that helps you when you need support, known as a break/fix model. The problem with this model is that it is expensive and those little things like printer issues keep disrupting your business. The break/fix model charges you every time you call for service resulting in the inability to plan or budget effectively.

    Why APEX?

    APEX Managed IT offers a fully managed solution with NO extra fees and on-site support when required. We provide a help desk which resides in head office. We use technology that is cost effective. We give you visibility into your network that you may not have had before. Our service includes asset tracking and life cycle management and we can handle all your IT procurement and project work as well. We understand small business because we are a small business.

    Let us help you

    Knowledge is power. When was the last time you had a third party review your IT infrastructure? We provide a technology assessment which is used to generate a report with our recommendations. This knowledge enables you to make an informed business decision that ensures you have the IT infrastructure to support your business.customers with hundreds of employees but our service can scale down to provide a fully managed solution under $500 a month for businesses with as few as 3-5 employees!

    APEX Managed IT will take care of all your Technology giving you peace of mind in knowing that your business being taken care of by the experts.

    APEX 365 – 4 Pillars

    Managed IT

    • Server, Network, Desktop
    • Security
    • Storage, Backup
    • Design, Configuration, Implementation
    • Monitoring
    • Reporting
    • Asset Management
    • Help Desk
    • On-site

    Managed VoIP

    • Help Desk
    • Maintenance
    • Updates
    • Training

    Managed Cloud (Licenses ie MS365)

    • Migrations
    • Sales
    • Administration (MACD’s)
    • Audits

    Managed WIRELESS

    • Customized Billing App
    • Account Adjustments
    • Billing discrepancies
    • Technical Issues

    APEX 365 – Arches

    • Projects
    • White Glove
    • Procurement
    • Web Hosting


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    Who We Are

    Meet Our Team

    We enable businesses to do what they got into business to do, leave the technology to us.

    Dennis Jangulaa

    Senior Technology Engineer

    Dennis Jangulaa

    Senior Technology Engineer

    Dennis Jangulaa

    Senior Technology Engineer


    Everything revolves around your data and we support all of your infrastructure and make it easy for you with a one number to call help desk.