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December 13, 2022

How a Managed IT Service Provider Can Help Your Business

How a Managed IT Service Provider Can Help Your Business

Whether your firm works with highly sensitive data, has a streamlined project management system, or simply has a website and email, IT is crucial to every business in one form or another. IT downtime can mean a loss of productive working hours for your employees, a backlog of work, and potentially spending hours trying to get your issues resolved while you should be concentrating on what matters – your business. To avoid this, businesses typically have two options – an in-house IT team or outsourcing their IT to a managed IT services provider (MSP). Having an in-house team can be difficult, resource-wise, for small or medium-sized businesses.

What does a managed IT service provider do?

An MSP can take care of all your business’s IT needs providing insights, tools, and solutions that help you use technology to work smarter and more securely. Managed Service providers have experience with many different industries and verticals and they use this expertise to create a managed services solution that’s right for you.

Benefits of managed IT services

Having the right MSP allows you to concentrate on your business while making sure your IT needs are taken care of. You can rest assured that your business is utilizing all the technology it can to make workflows smoother, automate time-consuming processes, and have the right protection against cyber attacks and all this while saving you money too. Read on to learn how a managed IT service provider can offer multiple benefits to your business.

Focus on your business

Since you’re not spending time learning about the latest tech in your field or fighting IT fires (as the MSP is doing that for you), you can concentrate on taking your business to where it needs to be. MSPs take care of updates, IT maintenance, and solve performance issues remotely during the hours your business is shut, so your employees face little to no downtime.

Cost-savings for customized services

Hiring even one full-time IT employee can mean significant costs to your company in terms of salaries, benefits, training, vacation cover, and more. An MSP, on the other hand, has several team members who look after your IT for you at a fixed monthly rate. This means you can leverage different areas of IT expertise, have the support you need even during holiday seasons, and pay only for the services your business needs.

One-stop shop

There’s nothing more annoying than being shunted from one service provider to another to see if a fault lies at their end. Having a managed service provider means that there is only one point of contact you need for any IT issues, whether it’s VOIP, internet, your website, or a laptop not working.

Cybersecurity protection

Cyber attacks are costing businesses hundreds of millions of dollars every year and staying on top of them requires expertise. An MSP will take care of this for you by making sure you have the latest cybersecurity software to keep your data safe. An MSP can also undertake cybersecurity awareness training sessions for your employees to make sure your business is protected at every single level.

Leverage the latest technology

MSPs can conduct a complete analysis of your tech infrastructure and recommend software and hardware upgrades where needed. They can then also implement all the changes necessary and find the best deals for you to do so.

Grow with your business

Managed IT services can typically provide IT solutions to smaller and medium-sized businesses that they may not usually have access to at a smaller scale like employee IT helpdesks or managed cloud services. MSPs also give your business the flexibility to add on IT services as it grows or reduce them if needed.

Thanks to managed IT, smaller companies now have the tools to compete with larger players through managed IT services. Get in touch with our team and see how APEX 365 can help with your business.