Total technology support for your business so you can sleep at night.

“We transferred our MSP services over to APEX 365 about 6 months ago.
We have been very pleased with the transition and the responsiveness of the staff.”
Midgard Consulting
Matt Good
Chief Operation Officer


Invest in damage control before the damage is done. Managed IT prioritizes your people and their time by ensuring their technology doesn’t fail them. We provide insight, tools, and solutions that help you use technology to work smarter and more securely. Our team focuses on monitoring performance so we can diagnose problems before they happen.


How managed IT benefits you: 

  •  Prevent business operations and shutdowns. If problems do occur, they are fixed faster and avoid losing important work and data.

  • Improve employee efficiency by giving them the tech help when they need it with direct access to our HELP DESK 
  • High level operations overview. We provide 24 / hour monitoring, so we know when things break or go offline, see potential deterioration of performance, and diagnose and solve performance issues before they affect your team.
  • Schedule downtime off hours. Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM’s) allow us to do maintenance, updates, and security patches remotely, and automatically. The more we can automate your tech performance, the more time your team has to spend on essential tasks. 
  • Documenting your network and tech infrastructure. Maintain high-level productivity within your team and leave the management of your tech environment to us. We provide guidance for your tech life-cycle management, ensuring your programs and hardware are up-to-date.