Can you hear me now? Good.

So, what is UCaaS anyway?


Your business, team, and industry is continually changing, handling customer requests, and juggling team members’ various schedules.  Managed VoIP brings you to a future that puts everyone on the same team in one room, wherever they may actually be.  With Managed VoIP, we connect team members from around the world as efficiently as those who work in the office next door. 

  • Professionally recorded messages: Changing your hours of operations, a new holiday greeting, or maybe a new employee or department, we update your  voice prompts and recordings.
  • Help desk: All our team is trained and/or certified on Business Connect, we can help you with your day to day admin questions.
  • Hardware support: Need new devices, or have a warranty claim, we can help with that. 
  • Training: We offer customized training, or leverage our recorded training sessions for a refresher at anytime.
  • Bonus: You never have to call Telus again: We are certified “White Glove” Telus Business Connect installation professionals and can confidently handle new installations and system expansion from 2 – 1000+.