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May 29, 2021

Security Best Practices

8 Cyber Security Best Practices FOR BUSINESS

It’s easy to think that because you have a small business, cybercriminals will pass over attacking your company. The “not much to steal” mindset is common with small business owners in regards to cyber security, but it is also completely incorrect.
In reality, 71 percent of cyber-attacks happened at businesses with less than 100 employees and 50 percent of SMBs have had a security breach in the past year.

But why are small businesses attacked more often than larger businesses? Almost all cyber-attacks are to obtain personal data to use in credit card or identify theft. While larger enterprises typically have more data to steal, small businesses have less secure networks, making it easier to breach the network.

The lack of time, budget and expertise for proper security is a top reason for the high rate of SMB attacks.

Other reasons include:

  • Not having an IT security specialist
  • Not being aware of the risk
  • lack of employee training
  • Not updating security programs

How can your business avoid being a victim of a cyber-attack?

Here are some cyber security best practices for business you can begin to implement today. Other reasons include:

  • Use a firewall
  • Document your cybersecurity policies
  • Plan for mobile devices
  • Educate all employees
  • Enforce safe password practices
  • Regularly back up all data
  • Install anti-malware software
  • Use multifactor identification


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